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Are you ready to begin a career as a nursing assistant and feel that you can challenge the CNA Exam? We are here to provide the essential kills and knowledge needed to pass! We provide hands on in-person tutoring on how to perform with excellence on your exam.

Challenge the CNA Exam

Challenging the CNA exam means that you sign up for and take the CNA exam without going through the typical training course required in the CNA Program. If you take and pass the exam, you will receive your certification the same as you would if you went through a training course. You can challenge the exam up to three times before being required to attend the CNA Program training course.

If you’re a compassionate people person and enjoy helping others, this role could be right for you. Certified nursing assistants must be able to listen to patients’ concerns and ask questions to determine their needs. In nursing or long-term care facilities, a CNA is often a patient’s main caregiver. The opportunity to develop personal relationships with patients and make an impact on their daily lives can make this an emotionally rewarding career.

Practical & Written Test Subjects Covered:

You put the care in Healthcare

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) plays a crucial role in providing direct care to patients in various healthcare settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, and home care. As an integral part of the care team, CNAs assist patients with essential daily activities, including eating, bathing, grooming, mobility, and more. They contribute to ensuring the well-being and comfort of patients under their care.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you miss your appointment, or arrive late and are not allowed to test, you will forfeit your exam fee(s).

There are 22 clinical skills that are part of the practical hands on portion of the Clinical Skills Test. When you are registered to test, a computer will decide which skills will be on your test. A Clinical Skills Test consists of five scored skills. All candidates taking this test are scored on the Handwashing and Indirect Care skills.

  • Handwashing

  • Measuring blood pressure, temperature, pulse or respiration

  • Moving patients between a wheelchair and a medical bed

  • Caring for catheters

  • Dressing patients

  • Administering oral care for patients with dentures

  • Caring for nails on hands and feet

  • Putting elastic support stockings on patients

  • Taking care of bedpans

  • Changing a patient’s position in bed

  • Communicating with a patient or guardian

  • Feeding and assisting with mouth care

  • Completing in-bed bathing

  • Helping with body positioning and motion exercises

For the Clinical Skills exam, you are required to wear flat nonskid closed toe shoes. You may be required to play the role of the resident for another candidate. Keep this in mind when picking what to wear for the testing day. Scrubs are always a great option, but are not required.

Written Exam = 90 minutes
Clinical Exam = 31-40 minutes depending on the skills assigned

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7941 Corporate Dr.
Nottingham MD 21236

Phone: 888.277.3500

[email protected]

Here’s the list of all approved Regional test site locations. The location of where you plan to test must be considered when applying for your CNA Exam.

Test Center List

You must present two valid pieces of identification (ID) before you may take an exam. The name on both identifications must exactly match the name you used to register for the exam and that is on your Admission Letter. Photocopies of either identification will not be accepted.

  1. The first piece of identification must be current (non-expired), contain both a current photo and your signature, and be:
    • A government-issued (e.g., driver’s license, state-issued identification card, alien registration card, military identification or passport); or
    • An official employment ID (if it has your photo and signature) from the facility where you are working and where you will be taking your examination; or
    • An official school ID (if it has your photo and signature) from the school where you are currently enrolled and where you will be taking your examination.
  2. The second piece of identification must be a signature ID. The name must match the name on your first piece of identification. Examples of acceptable signature IDs include:
    • Social Security card; or
    • Credit card (with signature on back); or
    • Library card (with signature on back); or
    • Gym card (with signature on back).

The exam consists a total of 60 questions: 10 unscored questions and 50 scored questions. Prometric does not include the 10 unscored questions on your score report as they are not included in your exam score.


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